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Quality Health Insurance is Essential. 

We are all subject to life's blows. Accidents, cancer, heart disease, whatever the reason, we are all at risk of needing professional medical care. A few days in the hospital can add up to thousands of dollars in expenses. The ability to pay determines the quality of care we receive. The quality of care we receive determines our likeliness of survival. Health insurance is expensive but with proper planning we can control those costs without making any unreasonable sacrifices in quality. Higher deductible health plans allow insurance companies to do what insurance companies do best; protect us from catastrophic loss. The higher deductible health plans do this without stripping our bank accounts with outrageous premiums. Click on the health insurance link to learn more about this planning idea.

Life Insurance is for Providing for People Who Depend Upon You for Their Financial Security.

Term, whole life, universal life and all the variations of each can create confusion, to say the least. Focus on this idea; When you die, the ability to provide for your family ends. Life insurance provides cash for your family to continue in their accustomed life style. When the claim is filed and the check is delivered the beneficiary has no concern for what type of life insurance you purchased. They only care if it is enough to feed the kids and pay the mortgage. Don't forget this, they only cry for so long. I am not trying to deflate your ego but when momma has to move into a smaller house in a smaller neighborhood and put the kids in a different school, she still misses you but she cannot help but question why there was no proper provision for her and the children. Term insurance provides cheap and substantial protection, permanent insurance just does it for a longer period of time. Plan first, for insuring the proper amount, about five times income as a minimum, and then decide which type makes the most sense for you. For more information, click on the life insurance link. 

Disability Insurance is the Backup Plan for Income Failure.

An accident, in the blink of an eye or a persistent cough gradually developing into cancer can lead to your inability to get up and go to work. For most of us, when we stop going to work we stop getting paid. Everything we do revolves around the dollar. We stop going out to eat as much, we cut back on the cable bill, we exhaust our savings and then strip our retirement accounts. The only thing left is the equity in our homes and businesses. What happens when that is gone and we still cannot work? We insure our homes and cars, we insure against sickness and premature death. Why do so few people forget to insure what provides the means to provide everything we own? Take a few minutes to evaluate your situation by clicking on the disability link.

People Who Do Not Own a Business Do Not Think the Same Way as People Who Do.

I do not make this statement to imply that business owners are any better than their employees. I simply mean that until you sign your first paycheck, made payable to someone else, and pray that there will be a little left over for you, you have a different way of thinking. I am proud of being self employed and have the highest degree of respect for anyone who makes their own way and provides the opportunity for others to make their living. Whether you have one employee or hundreds, your ability to take time off or have a good night's sleep changes. If you are self employed or an employee of someone else and are curious about the level of service provided by a small business compared to that provided by a large corporation, click the request a quote link or simply contact me. 

Nothing Worth Having Comes Without Cost or Effort.

I believe that incomes have to be earned, businesses have to be built and children have to be raised. Hard times make the good times better but devastation leads to lack of hope and despair. Protect yourself and your family with proper insurance planning. The products and services I provide are like a good parachute. They just get in the way and create a hindrance until you need them. Don't get caught without the proper protection and safety provided by an insurance program that focuses on your need before an insurance agent's commission requirement. 

High Quality and Lower Than Average Cost Seldomly, if Ever, Go Together.

One thing I have learned in life is that if you are insistent upon seeking the lowest possible price, someone will provide it. Quite often, quality is sacrificed. This is not to say that elimination of unnecessary baggage in your insurance program will not save you money because it will. Permanent life insurance has its place and so does term. If term insurance fits, be wary of the ultra cheap policies that cancel without recourse. When the need is forever, semi-permanent policies do not do the same job as permanent policies. When an insurance company and its lawyers figure out how to legally avoid a claim, they can charge less premium. The same applies to health insurance that doesn't pay for cancer or heart disease or disability insurance with a "jump through the hoops definition of disability". For a no obligation review of your current program and an explanation, in everyday language, of why one policy's contractual language makes it better than another's, call me. Remember this, insurance policies are nothing more or less than legal contracts and the law holds you responsible for understanding the contract you sign.